About Us

Who we are

Distinctive Homes London is a group of craftsmen working as a team focusing on reconstructing student rental homes in London, Ontario. We pride ourselves in making living space that is locally designed coupled by product durability and modern refinement. With our first class locations and distinctive product, Distinctive Homes London’s core focus is on functionality and quality, ensuring a lasting investment. Through much hard work and consistency towards these purposes, Distinctive Homes has managed to solidify itself with a reputation for excellence, from inception to completion.

How we work

Distinctive Homes London does all the work associated with an investment property. In other words; we take care of every detail you don’t want to think about, and we think of every detail you don’t even consider. We are unique because we design the homes to last by using only the best features, finishes and management services. Our distinctive product package is built to provide a stream of income from day one and we partner with a professional property management team who leases, manages and maintains the property. The home is fully rented when you make the investment.

Why Distinctive Homes London

Working with Distinctive Homes London means partnering with a group of professionals that are dedicated to design excellence, personal service, construction quality, and the highest return on your investment. Distinctive Homes London investment opportunity is driven by a number of factors including the University of Western Ontario being ranked among the top 1% of universities world-wide, the increase in enrolment, London’s low vacancy rates and increasing rental rates. Plus we construct things so that they’ll outlast a lifetime. Interested in diversifying your investment portfolio with monthly positive cash flow, mortgage pay down and appreciation. Have a look at our current investment opportunities.

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